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General questions

How to install YunGO?

You can download and install YunGO from iTunes  and Play Google. Then you need to complete very short registration using your mobile number. Afterwards, you will get an activation code via SMS and apply it to activate YunGO account. If somehow you will not get SMS in 1 minute, please initiate a callback and you will receive a free call with activation code prompt.

Is YunGO free?

YunGO application is absolutely free on all available platforms. You can install and make unlimited secure calls between all YunGO users and send short messages free of charge.

What is YunGO?

YunGO is your communication bridge to overseas at very cheap rates.


Why YunGO?

YunGO is a solution based on latest technology achievements to provide pure quality voice at very attractive rates. It consumes amazingly low battery and saves a lot of money for international calls.