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Villiers Taffy


Very nice and useful app, a must for all cheap calls Its innovative app. very useful for those who cant efford expensive international calls.

Ravi Sankar


Nice Good for international calls..I like it..

Teasdall Alis


This is a great app for me and my friends that are outside my country. I’m earning free credits so my international calls are in many times free. I recommend this app to all those who have relatives of friends outside the country and use it, it’s awesome.

Ajij Singapurwala


Awesome call quality Just like network call. Great app and hope to see some special offer also in future.

YUNGO app for iPhone & iPad

Make cheap calls to anybody in the world even if destination subscribes is out of Internet coverage. YunGO app is available for all IOS devices. With our user friendly interface your friends and family are just one touch away. Easily share special moments, make cheap international voice and video calls, exchange photos and send messages!

YunGO app for Android devices

Cheap international calls are now possible to anybody in the world even if called party is out of Internet coverage. There is so much you can do with YunGO app on your Android Devices. We will detect your contacts for you and let you enjoy smooth communication. Send unlimited free messages, make free calls and exchange files with other people on YunGO network! Place cheap international calls worldwide.

Enjoy YunGO in your browser!

Enjoy YunGO experience on any internet-capable device. Be it a conference call, a special event or a casual conversation, interact effortlessly with other YunGO users, on any device in any corner of the world!

Cheap International calls

Really    LOW RATES

In addition to absolutely free audio/video calls and instant messages on the internet, you can also make cheap international calls all over the world at very low rates and send SMS
without connection fee or any surcharge

Search for Virtual Numbers

A virtual phone number makes it possible for someone within a specified area code call a user in another area code as if it were a local call. Incoming calls are free for YunGO users and caller pays as he calls a local number. You can forward your new number to any Landline or Mobile worldwide (Forwarding charges will apply).

Virtual Numbers are purchased automatically. Please note, that some countries require additional information before activating virtual numbers. More details

Interesting facts about Cheap International Calls

  • Africa and the Arab States stand out as the regions with the fewest fixed-broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants, at less than 1 and less than 4, respectively
  • Africa is the only region where mobile broadband penetration remains below 20%
  • In Africa, one in 5 people use the Internet today, compared to almost 2 in5 people in Asia & Pacific, and 3 in 5 people in the CIS
  • Internet penetration in developing countries stands at 35%; LDCs lag behind with only 10
  • Of the 940 million people living in the least developed countries (LDCs), only 89 million use the Internet, corresponding to a 9.5% penetration rate
  • There a lot of places in world where VoIP calls are blocked
  • Many Schools and Universities are blocking GSM signals on their territory

YunGO delivers communication to every corner of the world with very low call rates and high quality every day.

Calling to subscribers in countries where internet coverage is not well developed, VoIP is blocked or there is no GSM coverage is possible with YunGO – Cheap International Calls app.  You may try Cheap International calls
without long term contracts, by getting $0.1 instantly for each unique activation.

What You need is 3 easy steps:

Activate YunGO Application on Android or iOS – Top Up account or use $0.1 for free – Call at very low rates worldwide or Buy Virtual Numbers

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