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Calling plan to Tashkent

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Call Plans or Subscription Plans are created for our users to allow them get more benefits when calling to some destinations.

YunGO created special plan to Tashkent, allowing you to have cheap calls to Tashkent from mobile, which suit your needs for various countries. With this call plan, you can have $0.049 per minute with all operators in Tashkent. You have a validity period of 250 minutes just for $4.99, and one great thing about this is that there are no addition charges or hidden charges, as it provides you per minute charge.

Cheap calls to Uzbekistan

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Validity period 30 days.

No hidden charges or additional charges. Per minute charge.

Operators Included:

Uzbekistan Tashkent Region
Uzbekistan Tashkent Mobile

With the opportunity for cheap calls to Uzbekistan, it feels like you are with your family and friends abroad. Enjoy cheap international calls and text messages to Tashkent mobile and landline, as well as content sharing, because with YunGO, you are connected to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I activate a call plan?

There are two ways to buy a Call Plan:

  1. From Dialer’s account settings
  2. From User Portal at
  • Can I have more than one Call Plan at the same time?

Yes, You can have unlimited quantity of Call Plans at the same time